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How to Apply to Work on A Cruise Ship for Indonesian

15 May 2018 |

How to Apply to Work on A Cruise Ship for Indonesian

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Have you ever heard about working in a cruise ship? It is a job where you will work and live on board during the contract. An international working environment where you can meet people from anywhere in the world. A chance where you can travel while working. If you are energetic, friendly, and able to work under pressure, this job is for you. ( Klik Cara Melamar Kerja di Kapal Pesiar untuk artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia )

The process of applying for a cruise ship job might take quite long since your first step to the agency until the sailing. The procedure and paperwork requirement are different from each country. But, there are some basic things in common, such as the certification of your competency or work experience, CV, medical check-up, and interview at the agency.  In some countries there are also agency fee. (Tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia ada di bawah ya)

This post is based on my experience applying for the cruise ship job as a photographer in Indonesia. Before applying, you can prepare these things below:

1.   Certificate

You must have the certificate of compentency or experience in the job that you are going to apply. For the hotel and food department, it is easier if you graduate from tourism school and finished the internship for at least 6 months. If you didn’t go to school, you can still apply with the working certificate from the previous hotels or restaurants.

2. CV & Portfolio

Create a professional and good CV ( Curriculum Vitae ). For applying as a photographer, you also need to make a portfolio of your work.

3. Choosing the Cruise Ship Agency

There are a lot of agencies who recruits people everyday. Choose the one that works with your cruise line choice. AND TRUSTED.

4.   Language proficiency

The proficiency of language spoken internationally is a must, especially English. You must pass the written test and interview in English. The ability to speak other foreign languages is a plus.

5.   Money

You will need to prepare money to pay for some tests, agency assistance fee, and all paperworks required to work on the ship. I spent about $2,400.

When you are ready with the preparation, then the next steps are:

1. Applying to the Agency

Come to the agency for a walk-in interview with the complete certificates,CV, ( and portfolio ). Wear a professional and neat attire. Some agencies charge you with administration fee. If you pass the interview, you might do the Marlins test right away.

2.   Marlins & Psychology Test

Marlins is a English proficiency test for sailors, grammar, vocabulary, and some questions are related to the terms used on board the ship. You need to pay the test fee. If you don’t pass, you must pay again to redo the test. The standard is different depends on the position you apply for. Some ships require the psychology test too. When you pass all of this test, you just need to wait for the employment letter.

3.   Basic Safety Training

While waiting for the employment letter, you can start to do the paperwork. The first thing is the Basic Safety Training. Actually you will get this training on board, but the government of Indonesia requires this to get the seamen book.

4.   Seamen Book

It is kinda like a passport, but only for the sailors. There are sign-on and sign-off stamps from the official for each contract. You must have the Basic Safety Training certificate to apply for this.

5.   Medical Test

The agency will schedule an appointment with the certain clinic or hospital for your medical test.

6.   Visa

The agency will take care of the visa processing, all you need to do is to be ready for the interview in the embassy of the country which issue the visa. I have the C1/D visa for crew members who join the vessels in the United States.

7.   Departure Ticket

The last step is waiting for the letter of employment. Some cruise lines require you to buy the first departure ticket to the home port where you are assigned. But they cover the returning ticket and the departure for your next contract.

This long process is sometimes frustating for Indonesians. It might take months from the first interview until finally boarding the ship. I recommend not to resign from your previous job until the time for the paperworks. Besides, you can also do the mental preparation to work on the ship. Find out more about The Good and The Bad of Working in A Cruise Ship to see if you are Ready for Ship Life?

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2 Replies to “How to Apply to Work on A Cruise Ship for Indonesian”

  1. Paul says:

    Thank you for your informative post. I’m a US citizen with friends in Indonesia. I travel to Indo a lot. I’m interested in helping an Indo friend who just received his FnB/Cruise Ship training certificate. Any specific info and recommendations would be appreciated.
    Terima Kasih

    1. Hi Paul,hope you enjoy your travel in Indonesia. Most of the people who has FnB or cruise ship training are from Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. Maybe you can meet them while traveling there. Unfortunately,I don’t have any connection with them

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