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The Employee Nomination Night

29 June 2018 |

The Employee Nomination Night

Like other companies that recognize the employee's work, the Carnival cruise ship, the place I am working now also has the employee night. It is given to employees who are living the Carnival value. Some of the values are being positive, friendly, caring, and showing respect towards the guests and crews.

My partner Silviu was nominated for the month of June 2018. It was the third time he was nominated during his three years with the company, but I was never able to attend the ceremony. Luckily this time my kind manager spared some hours off for me to go and watch the ceremony.

Silviu and I left the work at 6 pm to get ready for the ceremony. He joined the other nominees in the gathering area. Meanwhile, my manager and I went to the ceremony place. There were captain, hotel director, HR, officers, managers, and supporters from other departments as well.

We all lined up at the entrance. The nominees came right at 7 p.m. We welcomed and congratulated them with the huge applause. They all looked so happy and proud. 

The event was continued with the appreciation speech from the Captain, Hotel Director and HR Manager. Then, the nominees were called one by one to receive the certificate from the Captain. When Silviu was called, my manager and I joined him for the picture.

The Nomination Night at Carnival Liberty

From left to right: The Hotel Director Stig, me, Captain Giuseppe, Silviu, my manager Aleksa, and The HR Manager Massimo. Photo by Constantin Apetrei

Then, we were all enjoying the food and drinks prepared for the event. After some chit-chat, we went back to work. It was impossible to get the night off after the event, as it was the busiest day during the cruise for the photo department. Anyway, I was so happy to get the chance to watch my partner in the nomination night. Big thanks to my manager, Aleksa! 

The Employee Nomination Night at Carnival Liberty June 2018

The Employee Nomination Night at Carnival Liberty June 2018. Photo by Constantin Apetrei

Dressing formal for the Nomination Night

Dressing formal for the Nomination Night. Photo by Aleksa Acimovic

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